Oklahoma Pilots Association

Oklahoma Pilots Association (OPA) is a member controlled Not-For-Profit 501(c)(3) Organization for all pilots and aircraft owners. OPA strives to serve the needs of general aviation pilots statewide, promoting aviation, education, and safety in personal and business flying. Membership consists of student pilots through airline transport pilots, both civil and military and is open to all pilots and aircraft owners.

Oklahoma Pilots Association
5810 Tulakes Avenue
Bethany, Oklahoma 73008


President – Kyle Fulton
Executive VP – Mike Grimes
VP of Membership – Roger Walton
VP of Communications – Craig Hodgins
Secretary – Angela Drabek
Treasurer – Roy Cowan
Past President – Greg Finley
Fly-Away Chairman – Lee Holmes

Board Members

Term Expires 6/30/2022

David Ames
Bill Pappadopoulos
Rick Cacini
Lee Holmes
Eric Lang
College Position – open

Term Expires 6/30/2021

Joey Sager
Mike Rangel
Jeff Sandusky