I have not yet been able to make a fly away or a dinner but fully intend to and am always willing to give rides. Hope to meet you soon. Here is my favorite flying story.

Ever since I was a child I always dreamed about the day I would get to fly my own plane to my family’s farm and land on the 1800ft grass strip just like my dad and grandfather once did in the mid 80’s in their Cessna 172. They owned the plane for about 8 years before selling it and each logged about 100 hours each flying around SE Oklahoma.

This past year my Husky A-1C allowed me to finally make the flight to Hughes County to a once charted “LOBO” field. Unfortunately, my grandfather is no longer with us; but my Dad and I took the opportunity to recreate a photo from about 35 years ago!

If anyone is in the area approximately 4 miles south of Calvin, OK, you should land and be greeted by my mom and dad and me. We will share a glass of tea and some good stories! NOTAM = numerous cows on and in the vicinity of LOBO field.

Dusty Boren, N89WY