We have an official FlyAway once a month; everybody is invited (including non-members).  The destinations are listed in our FlyAway Calendar.  We always find a destination with somewhere good to eat and many times a nearby activity for our group to participate in. We arrange ground transportation.

For new fly-aways, visit our Facebook page

We list a wheels down time which is the time everybody should meet at the destination airport.

Usually we need a count (for the restaurant & ground transportation, if needed) so if you plan to go along, please send an email to [email protected] with the number in your group.

We’ll meet you on the ramp.


If you have a seat available or need a ride please contact one of the following:

Lee Holmes: 405-833-7201 – [email protected]


Brian Hancock: (405) 757-5706 – [email protected]

Oklahoma Aeronautics Commission
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